Simba Say

Simba Say

FOUNDER - A Million Reasons to Love

"365 days a year, we get to wake up and choose to live or to lose, to love or to hate. I think we we all have had days when we chose to live but found hate, when we chose to love but we lost. Yet here we are. We are faced with this decision on a day to day basis. These decisions come with inner conflicts. Some of the hardest things to do are letting go, embracing the pain, making beauty from that pain, admitting the anger while forgiving yourself, allowing yourself to rise from the fall, all while approaching it with a desire of what life you can design from it rather than let it define the rest of your life.

I started out last year with a mantra that the best stories don’t come and find me. I have to go find them. That 100 people are out discovering new friends, new adventures and new ways to love.  I’m Simba Say. Soul surfin the waves of life as we circle the sun."


The Circle of Love 


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